Meet Jean Marie


The Beginning of Harvest

Founded by Onesphore Manirakiza, Harvest Initiatives is an interdenominational movement which began in 2001 at the University of Burundi. The team began by meeting for prayer and organizing revival conferences in many places to mobilize the church for harvest. What started with a small team of students is now a thriving organization with 25 teams planted across the country who are involved in outreach, evangelism and equipping the church for evangelism. Their dream is to see Burundi transformed by the impact of the church, thus making Burundi a light throughout Africa and the world.

The Batwa People

Making up around 1% of the population, the Batwa are the poorest and most marginalized people group in Burundi. Excluded from the land owning shares, they are often left to live on small hillside sites with steep sloping banks handed out by the government, where living conditions are cramped and the soil is usually infertile. 

The daily life of the Batwa is a struggle for survival against the effects of extreme poverty, often working for a single meal a day in areas previously lacking access to clean water, sanitation, schooling or medical care.

Cornerstone's Partnership

Cornerstone’s partnership with Harvest for Christ centers on the Batwa people of Karubabi, Muramvya.
Currently, Harvest Initiatives is working with the Batwa community in the areas of housing, food security, health, education and spiritual health. Cornerstone contributes financially, and often sends teams to see and participate in the work in this community. Because of the holistic activities in the Batwa community, many Batwa have discovered the love of God and are beginning to trust in Him. We thank God that He is revealing himself to the Batwa people in Burundi, and pray that He will continue to provide for them.

What We Have Achieved So Far

Cornerstone has been blessed to be able to partner with Harvest and be a part of the following projects: 

  • The Construction of New Homes 
  • The Opening of a New School
  • Providing Meals for Kids When They Attend School
  • Food Security and Agriculture Projects
  • Providing Livestock for Farmers
  • Providing Health Care and the Construction of a New Medical Clinic